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What to Do with 1 Day in Los Angeles

by Amanda La Gringa
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So you only have 1 day in Los Angeles and not sure what to do? Well, I got you! Just this past week, I had the opportunity to go to LA to see a show. I knew I would only have 1 day to enjoy everything that I wanted do, so I planned our my itinerary to hit the must-see stops on any LA newbie’s list in less than 24 hours.

So, in my humble opinion, here are some of ideas of what to do with 1 day in LA!

#1) Hollywood Walk of Fame

Yes, this is a tourist trap, but it is still a must-see. Be warned that during the peek day hours, the Chinese Theatre will be swarmed with people, so consider going early in the morning or breaking out the flashlight on your phone and going after dark. I headed straight to Hollywood Blvd when I landed and being the #JLover that I am, went straight to see Jennifer Lopez’s star.

Quick stop to say hola to #JLo’s star! #hollywoodwalkoffame #hollywoodblvd

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Definitely check out a star map before you go, so you can plan where the best place to park would be so you can walk to the different locations.

 #2) Warner Brother VIP Tour

This one might get a little tricky because of the infamous LA traffic, but this tour is worth the drive north to Burbank! I recommend that you book a spot on the VIP tour in advance so you don’t waste any time waiting for a spot to open up. This WB tour will take you through the back lots, onto a real working set, and stop at the on-site museum (that featured 75 years of Batman and Harry Potter when I visited). This was, by far, the most fun I’ve had in LA!

Loved the VIP Tour at the #WarnerBrothersStudio, highly recommend!! A photo posted by Las Travel Blogueras (@travelblogueras) on

#3) Make sure you ride around in style

If you are flying in for the day, highly suggest that you get a rental car. While the traffic is definitely insane, trying to navigate with public transportation will take up valuable time that you could be exploring the city above ground!

We were looking for the perfect ride to get us around the city safely, but also in style! The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport was a great option for our city adventure as it offered awesome fuel efficiency, easy maneuvering, and tons of space for our luggage. Since it was an SUV type of vehicle, I was expecting to be running through the gas…but after a solid day of driving across the city and back again, I didn’t even make a dent in the gas tank (it was still on full!). There’s no wonder why it is the best-selling model for Mitsubishi…we had a blast driving it!

Our cool ride during our 24 hour LA adventure! Loved driving the #MitsubishiOutlanderSport!!

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Don’t I look quite like the LA car with this ride?! Ha! Being on the road all day in this Outlander was a breeze and you better believe we worked all the features in the crazy traffic! The 6.1 inch touchscreen display with GPS andSiriusXM Radio was a life saver when were stuck in the morning rush hour (1 hour straight in the car!), plus the rearview camera helped us make it through the packed streets without a scratch!

#4) Find your perfect photo opp with the Hollywood Sign

More of a photo opp than anything else, you can find many vantage points of the Hollywood sign depending on what area you are in and what makes the most sense for you logistically. Check out this website which gives you a list of the best viewing points so you can map it out and work it into your busy schedule! It might be a pain to drive out of your way, but it is totally worth it!

#4) Relax after a long day with some killer margaritas

What says LA better than some Mexican food, right? When you are planning your meals, consider stopping at one of the most well-known Mexican restaurant chains in the city. El Compadre is known for their authentic Mexican cuisine and their flaming margaritas! As long as you have a designated driver, you should definitely stop buy and enjoy some mariachi music and a cold drink to relax and absorb the days adventures!

Have anything else you would add to our list of Must-See/Do for LA? Let us know in the comment section below!

Safe Travels

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