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10 Adorable Animals in Sombreros

by Amanda La Gringa
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10 Adorable Animals in Sombreros

I don’t know about you, but anytime I see an animal in a tiny hat, I swear its the cutest thing on this planet. Now…if that hat is a sombrero, the cuteness factor multiples by 10! Why? Who know and who cares! I have to say that I NEVER advocate any mistreatment of animals for our own entertainment, but I like to think that these animals don’t hate wearing sombreros…because, they are pretty much the coolest type of hat and hopefully they got a yummy treat out of the deal!

So we scoured the internet, Pinterest, and the depths of Google Image Search to pull together the most adorable lista of pets wearing sombreros. You are welcome!

  1. The photo that inspired this entire post! This little guy embodies the pure joy we all feel when wearing a sombrero! He knows he looks fantastic in his little hat and he is just so happy to be alive! I’m going to pretend his name is Charlie the Chihuahua…and Charlie should be an inspiration to us all. Adorable-dog-with-sombrero
  2. The next few animals have defied all odds and figured out how to wear a sombrero while having big ears. No one thought it could be done, pero these guys wouldn’t take no for an answer! This cute little bunny went for the tuck approach and folded her ears back behind the sombrero. Bonnie the Bunny’s adorableness is off the scale and he deserves someone to rub her belly right now. Come one, you know you can’t resist a fuzzy bunny belly. adorable-bunny-sombrero
  3. Our friend, Bud the Basset-hound, didn’t let his long ears keep him from fulfilling his life ambition of being a sombrero-wearer! That pose shows he is a sophisticated pup with big goals in life…and a extra big hat to help him get there!
  4. Donna the Donkey is quite the crafty girl! She knows how to work her ASSets to her advantage so there’s no way she would be hiding her fabulous ears under that sombrero! A few snips here and there and she has a custom sombrero…I bet all her amigas at the ranch were super jealous!
  5. Proof that tough things come in small packages. This little hedgehog has that macho glare down and is totally working that sombrero. Don’t mess with this ese…unless you have a treat, then Henry the Hedgehog is your best buddy.hedgehog-sombrero
  6. The award for the most impressive sombrero goes to this guy! Is that crochét? Well, whatever it is Peatie the Puggle is totally rocking this look and he knows it too!pug-sombrero-hat
  7. The smaller the animal…the tinier the sombrero…the bigger the cuteness factor! Gladys the Guinea Pig doesn’t let her small size keep her from displaying her favorite sombrero. You go, girl!
  8. We have to have some gatos in this lista! Katie the Kitten is the fanciest of all gatos and is working this hand-made sombrero in what appears to be a photo shoot! She knows exactly what pose to strike for the camera to show off that impressive hat! Kitten-sombrero-hat
  9. Why so serious? Well, because Doug the Doggie knows that sombreros are no laughing matter! He is a sombrero-purist and sticks to the traditional style and proportions. Bravo, Doug….keep doing your thing!
  10. So tiny, we also overlooked her! Pobrecita! Little Kimmie the Kitten is the tiniest and sweetest pet on our list. She may just be learning how to walk, but she doesn’t take a step without her favorite sombrero! Tiny-kitten-sombrero

 So..who do you think is the cutest animal on our lista? They are all so precious, there’s no way we could pick just one! 

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