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10 Times Diego Luna Melted Our Hearts

by La Rubia
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When He’s Not Acting or Directing Our Next Fave Film, Diego Luna Is Busy Melting Our Hearts.

His plentiful talent aside, there’s just something about Diego Luna with his soulful eyes you could drown in and that precious, mischievous smile, that always makes me swoon a little bit. I could talk about his rise from young indie actor to director, and all the awesome roles he’s delivered over his relatively short career, but that’s for another tiempo and another post! Ahora, we’ve got to get to the really important cosas…like those eyes. Did I mention his eyes?

1. So casual. So cool.


2. Buzzed hair + scarf = perfection.


3. Move over Christian Grey…


4. Omg. Half smile. Swoopy hair.


5. Red carpet, like you just don’t care.


6. Hippie vibe. Just try to tell me that isn’t doing it for you.


7. Look. At. That. Smile.


8. Looking straight into your soul.


9. Ahhhh.


10. Remember in Dirty Dancing Havana Nights when he danced, and it was the best thing ever? Me too.


Bonus: Diego y bestie Gael García Berna having a laugh. So cute.


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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