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5 Favorite Novela Couples

by Guest Gringa
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La Gringa Novelera’s 5 Favorite Novela Couples

Hola, its La Gringas Novelera here! If you are anything like me, when it comes to telenovelas, you like the right couple for the wrong reasons! Here are my 5 of my favorite novela couples:

  1. Sammy & Willy, “Corazon Valiente”: There was a lot going on in CV, including a baby who might have orchestrated his own kidnapping. But Sammy & Willy amped up the crazy by breaking up every 8 minutes, and teasing each other and TORMENTING us! SammyWillyCorazonValiente
  2. Preciosa & Precioso, “Santa Diabla”: Also known as Ines & Santiago, Ines never knew that Santiago knew that she was behind their completely fake kidnapping, when she held them both in her father’s basement to keep him away from Santa. Her fake screams while she filed her nails were unforgettable. Ines and Santago
  3. Jorge/George & Barbara, “Santa Diabla”: He was a vain, ineffectual gigolo who married a vain, ineffectual princess. Combined, they made the worst parents in America, although they only fought when they had to share a mirror. Jorge Barbara Santa Diabla
  4. El Don Chema & His Prosecutor, “El Senor de los Cielos 2”: He was a deadly but incredibly handsome and charming narcotrafficante. She was the Chief Prosecutor of Sinoloa. When they met it was murder. At first, lots of other people’s….and eventually hers.ElChema
  5. Anastasia & Renato, “Duenos del Paraiso”: Nothing sucks and sucks us in like unrequited love. Renato has saved Anastasia’s life at least 10 times, yet she goes off to Ft. Lauderdale with Conrado, leaving him with her mother and her adult one-eyed Nanny. If Renato doesn’t have a breakdown, he and her mother will make a lovely couple.Anastasia and Renato

Do you have any favorite novela couples that we missed from the lista? Less us know your favorites in the comment section below! Also, if you love talking about telenovelas 24/7, connect with me via @GringaNovelera on Twitter or visting Lagringanovelera.com!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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