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5 Favorite Novela Kisses

by Guest Gringa
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5 Favorite Novela Kisses

Since we are all surrounded by love/hearts/romance during the month of Febrero, it’s a good idea sometimes to cut the sweetness of Valentine’s Day with a tart reminder that even in the world of telenovelas, things can turn a bit sour. So I dug through the best kissing clips to find the most bitter/sweet…or apocalyptic moments from our favorite novelas. These will definitely snap you out of your Vday buzz!

La Gringa Novelera’s 5 Favorite Novela Apocalyptic Kisses!

5) “LA PATRONA” – Antonia & Diego
SHE was the beautiful Black Widow who ran the town of San Pedro Del’Oro with an iron fist, leather jumpsuits, and bejeweled brasiers, killing anyone she wanted. HE was the incorruptible new Police Chief known as the “Man of Iron,” who had come to town to arrest her. When she saved Diego’s life by shooting the hitman she had actually sent to kill him, that first kiss was full of mixed messages.

La Patrona Kiss
4) “SANTA DIABLA” – Humberto & Santa
SHE was the woman who only married him to avenge his family’s destruction of hers. HE played along with her deception, drugged her repeatedly, framed her for his father’s decapitation, and defended her (unsuccessfully) in court. The kiss that they shared after they realized they knew the worst about each other but were in love anyway, was like a kiss between two superpowers who have signed off on a Mutually Assured Destruction Pact.

Santa Diablo Beso

3) “EL SEÑOR DE LOS CIELOS” – Chacorta & Matilde
SHE was an erratic but lively alcoholic who seduced her husband’s nephew and her niece’s boyfriend. HE was the Narcotrafficante/Movie Producer who aspired to be the Harvey Weinstein of Sinaloa (but nicer). When they kissed while she begged his forgiveness for almost killing his mother, and then he strangled her to death, no one was sorrier to see her go than the guy who had just killed her. And his nephew.

El Senor de los Cielos Beso


2. “SANTA DIABLA” – Ines & Willy
SHE was the extremely murderous, yet cheerful young woman whose affair with her married piano teacher led to an unwanted pregnancy and her autocratic father institutionalizing her for awhile (but not long enough). HE was said piano teacher, who said father kept chained under the basement stairs for a few years. When Ines found Willy in the basement, Ines’ insistence they make love while he was chained up, at gunpoint, (and bearing a remarkable resemblance to Rasputin), was 50 Shades of GREAT!

1. “DUENOS DEL PARAISO”- Leandro & Anastasia
SHE took over her husband’s cartel in 1977 Miami after killing him. She has been kidnapped twice, shot at multiple times, raped, paralyzed, and left for crocodiles to snack on. HE is her Narco rival and responsible for ALL of it. This kiss has not happened YET, but we all saw the chemistry between them when he invited her to lunch at the mall, and had his guy with a rocket launcher hiding behind a Cinnabon poised to blow her up. This is the kiss we can’t wait for!

Leandro Anastasia Beso

Well, that was a roller coaster of emotion, right? Do you have a favorite bitter beso that we didn’t include in our list? Add it below in the comment section…we want to hear from our fellow noveleras!

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