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5 Reasons to Watch HBO Latino’s El Hipnotizador

by Las Gringas
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5 Reasons to Watch HBO Latino’s El Hipnotizador

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We are only one week in to the eight episode series of El Hipnotizador but I’m already hooked! This show, which debuted on HBO Latino on April 1st, boasts an international cast headed by the Argentinian and Emmy®-nominated Leonardo Sbaraglia and is the latest acquisition from HBO Latin America. So many cool things about this new series so let’s break it down for you.


5 Reasons to Watch El Hipnotizador on HBO Latino

  1. Bilingual is good for the brain! The series is set in a fictional Latin American city where both Spanish and Portuguese are spoken on a whim. As a English & Spanish speaker, I love seeing Portuguese thrown in here as it challenges me to go between all these languages while I’m watching the show.
  2. Uber-international cast! This team has pulled together an insanely diverse mix of talent from Latin America and Europe, including Cesar Troncoso from Uruguay in the role of Salinero, Chico Díaz from Brazil-Mexico as Darek and the Brazilians BIANCA Comparato (Anita), Juliana Didone (Lívia), Miguel Lunardi (Castor), Marisol Ribeiro (Carolina), Ondina Clales (Zoraid), Rodrigo García (Luiz) and Daniel Infantini (Marenko). The cast also includes Argentinians Marilú Marini (Domingas) and Chino Darín (Gregorio), the Uruguayan Stefanie Neukirch (Margarida) and Zemanuel Piñero (Suarez) from Spain. Completing the cast are filmmaker Ruy Guerra (Doctor Victor Corelli) and actress Maria de Medeiros (Justina)-both from Portugal. Wow!
  3. Proven greatness! The series is based on the Argentinian cult comic book by the same name and written by the accomplished Argentine journalist, novelist, and screenwriter Pablo De Santis…so you know the story is solid.
  4. The hypnotist! Argentinian and Emmy®-nominated Leonardo Sbaraglia stars in this series as the hypnotist, Arenas, who suffers from insomnia.
  5. Even the trailer pulls you in! If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can check it out below. I’ve already watched it a few times and it still gives me chills…and I bet it will to you too!

What else do you love about this show? Let us know and also plan to tweet along each Friday night at 10pm EST, using the hashtag #EntraEnHipnosis while you watch the show on HBO Latino!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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Leisa July 11, 2016 - 1:35 pm

This show is terrific. My Spanish is from 4 years in high school, decades ago. But I enjoy watching the HBO Latino Series thoughtfully subtitled (also good for the brain!). The look and feel of this series reminds me very much of Sr. Avila. I’m not quite done with the series (2 more to go), but I have found it satisfying on every level.


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