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5 Reasons to Watch Señora Acero 2

by Guest Gringa
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Top 5 Reasons to Watch Señora Acero 2

Que tal, the Gringa Novelra here! If you are like me, looking for your next novela fix, why not try a Narcanovela for a change?! I would recommend Senora Acero 2 on Telemundo. And why you ask? Well, here are five reasons you need to watch the second season of this non-stop show!SenoraAcero2

  1. Miguel Varoni: No, sorry to report that one of the greatest actors of his generation doesn’t star in the show. He directs it, and is the perfect fit for the insanity of this amazing script by Roberto Stopello. There is no stopping the madness with this duo. There is only MORE madness…
  2. Jose Resendez as “Don Teca:” Don Teca was the classic underachiever in high school who finally realized his potential as a murderous, wacky Narcotrafficante. In Season 1, Teca devoted himself to secretly manipulating the life of his unrequited high-school crush Sara Bermudez, aka Senora Acero, to trap her exactly where he wanted her: either at their wedding or at her funeral. In Season 2, Sara learns the price for ditching Teca at the altar. Jose Resendez is having a fantastic time as Teca and it shows! SenoraAcero3
  3. Litzy as “Araceli:” Who doesn’t love Litzy in anything? She only needs one name, she steals every scene, and she dresses just like the furniture. In Season 1 she was a semi-prostitute, a drug addict, and a beautician. In Season 2 she is a famous singer, happily married, and a Narco Superhero. In one week, Araceli did what the DEA and the Narco El Quintanilla couldn’t do: Araceli freed Sara from 25 years in prison by obtaining secret footage of the President of Mexico meeting with the King of The Narcos, El Teca at a Narco party with lots of dancing girls, including Araceli.
  4. Michel Duval as “Salvador:” When we met Sara’s son in Season One, he was a sweet 8 year old who grew into a cute but sullen 12 year old with the typical teenage bad attitude. Now Salvador is 17, and he is officially in possession of the Greatest Eyebrows in Novelaville. Yes, he’s going to have lots of problems: Poor Salvador is now a Meth addict because Teca kidnapped him and surgically inserted a kilo of meth into Salvador’s stomach which exploded, almost killing him. But I believe his perfectly arched and luxurious eyebrows will help him overcome all obstacles and find success as a Ralph Lauren model.
  5. El Indio, El Quintanilla, Bertha: Supporting characters drive the plot of every great novela but Senora Acero has a pack of lunatics that could each spinoff into their own series! El Indio, Sara’s archenemy, wears Nik-Nik shirts and has the scars that prove his lifetime of service to El Teca, including a huge “T” branded on his chest. El Quintanilla, the NarcoChef and Sara’s best-friend, wears 3-piece 1970’s disco suits, over which he displays his beloved huge apron that says “Kiss The Chef!” Bertha is Sara’s evil sister who used to be the co-Mayor of Tijuana and couldn’t walk after accidentally shooting herself while trying to kill Sara. Sara paid for Bertha’s surgery to walk again; now Bertha is El Presidente’s mistress and is still trying to kill Sara. These are just a few of the great supporting characters in this series!SenoraAcero1

So if any of these reasons tempt you then I know you will LOVE Senora Acero on Telemundo!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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