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5 Sexiest Momentos from MALUMA’s Carnaval Video

by Amanda La Gringa
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5 Sexiest Momentos from MALUMA’s Carnaval Video

Today Maluma released the new music video for his catchy hit, Carnaval. The video, directed by Carlos Perez of Elastic People, was shot on a film set in the Lancaster, California desert and features Alyssa Arce in this steamy storyline. The video is packed with so many sexy Maluma moments, from beginning to end…verdad, chicas? It was hard to narrow it down, but we picked what we think are the 5 sexiest momentos from Maluma’s Carnaval Video.

1) This slow intro/first glance

We have to wait a whole :38 seconds before we even get to see Maluma in this video, but they totally made it worth the wait! This slow intro as he gets out of the car is oh-so-sexy.



#2) This smirk

We love to see the cameo of Maluma’s favorite tattoo- the crown behind his ear. We like to think that this angle was shot just so he could give the tatuaje some camera time. THAT SMIRK THO.

Maluma Carnaval 2

#3) This laugh

Don’t you just wish you were riding off into the sunset with Maluma in his convertible? Bueno, Alyssa Arce got to experience it for all of us. Que ternos se ven, verdad? It’s a major contrast to the next set of scenes coming up!

Maluma Carnaval 3

#4) This…just this.

Ay papá! If you can get over the jealousy, then these scenes are super caliente! Talk about steamy…I’m pretty sure my computer screen got frosty while these screens where playing.

Maluma Carnaval4

#5) This kiss.

Hello beso! Maluma doesn’t mess around apparently…he went for the full open mouth kiss! I hope Arce was prepared for the Maluma tongue that she got in this moment. Enjoy chica!

Maluma Carnaval 5


So which is your favorite momento from Maluma’s Carnaval video? ¿Cúal es lo más sexy para ti? Comment below and let us know!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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Emily Sontay December 15, 2017 - 3:37 am

he is such a great person with a big heart i love him im such a BIG fan


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