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Ana Tijoux Performs At PAX Miami

by La Rubia
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Ana Tijoux Gives Stellar Performance At PAX Miami!

Sure, we just saw Ana Tijoux perform in Austin, TX, but we weren’t about to miss her performance at PAX in Miami this past Saturday night! I’m really glad we didn’t too because despite this being her last stop on her tour,  and no doubt being exhausted, Tijoux put on a great show!

Ana didn’t perform until after midnight, which I guess in MIA might be considered early, but for this gringa, who was still recovering from a week full of event attendance, it was a little late. Despite the late hour though, she brought so much energy to the stage! What is interesting too is almost all that energy is contained in her voice. She doesn’t really do a whole lot of running around the stage or dramatic showmanship type of things, but there is no denying that her voice has everyone’s attention every second of the performance. She also transitions flawlessly from her raps to her singing which adds to the complexity and interest of her music.

One of my favorite things about her shows is that she gets really interactive with her audience, doing a kind of call and response. I don’t know why exactly, but its a lot of fun. I suppose its the unifying factor of it. You don’t necessarily need to know the lyrics…you don’t even need to know a specific language…you just go along with the sound. So, when Ana said repeat…we repeated as group, one voice, and that’s pretty cool.

Two other important aspects of the evening were the venue and the opening act. I have to say that PAX is simply a very cool locale. It’s not super Miami, and instead reminds me of the off-the-beaten path but hip venues I grew up with in Memphis and Dallas. Its basically a renovated warehouse that has been skillfully spruced up with eclectic decor including red velvet couches, mismatched candles, antique-looking chandeliers and vintage posters. It gives off a low key vibe, but at the same time lets you know that those in charge of the venue know what’s up. Not to mention, they employ bartenders who really know how to mix a good drink! I had the mojito and La Roja had something called The Zu (I highly recommend both!)

Besides Ana and the awesome venue, the opening act, a group called ArtOfficial, made the evening fun! These guys are a local Miami hip-hop ensemble including vocalists Newsense and Logics, Danny Perez on keys, Ralf Valencia on bass and Keith Cooper on the saxophone, and they were phenomenal. Keith Cooper in particular was rocking it switching between flute and saxophone between tracks. They also managed a good sense of humor when they experienced some technical difficulties involving the drummer and what appeared to be a falling cymbal. ArtOfficial was definitely a great choice, and a good start to the night!

Check out the photos below, and a clip from the show.

Watch a short clip of Ana Tijoux performing “Sacar La Voz” at PAX Miami!


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google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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