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#ArribaYLejos: Tide & Gain Team Up With Safe Kids Worldwide

by Amanda La Gringa
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#ArribaYLejos: Tide & Gain Team Up With Safe Kids Worldwide

This sponsored blog post was made possible by a collaboration with Tide & Gain, however all opinions are my own. 

If you are anything like me, since the launch of the laundry pacs, I don’t really use anything else! Between the Tide Pods and Gain flings! with their concentrated, multi-chamber form that offer a convenient and powerful clean – laundry time has never been faster and more effective! Along with the perks of using the products, its important though to understand why the safe handling and storage of this product is a high priority.

To get us all informed, P&G has launched their #ArribaYLejos campaign to help parents keep their children safe through laundry room safety education, focused specifically on the responsible handling and storage of the laundry pacs. When I’m spending time with the pequeños in my life, I always notice how they want to taste and feel everything and they take special interest in doing whatever you are doing also!

baby chloe diaries

Mi amiguita, #BabyChloé , always like to copy what the big kids are doing…we just have to make sure it is safe for her! Trying new things is obviously normal, even beneficial, in a child’s development so while you shouldn’t try to get them to stop mouthing, we instead just need to be aware and on guard.

Much like many other household cleaning products, laundry pacs need to be handled with great care to prevent unintended exposure. So to help us all keep the little one safe, I am collaborating with Tide and Gain to bring you tips on home safety:

  • Keep liquid laundry packet out of children’s reach and sight – Up, Up, and Away! Arriba y Lejos!
  • Keep packets in their original container and keep the container closed
  • If a child gets into them, call the Poison Help number immediately: 1-800-222-1222 (go ahead and save that in your phone now, I’ll wait!)

While safety is a year-round concern for families at home, summer time is a priority given that niños are out of school and staying at home more often. With that said, Tide & Gain has partnered with Safe Kids Worldwide and together they want to emphasize the importance of ensuring laundry room safety, especially among the youngest ones of the household.Infographic English

Hopefully this #ArribaYLejos campaign will stick with you and serve has a reminder to keep laundry products away from kids’ reach. By making your home a safe environment, you can be confident that while little ones need constant supervision, having a safe environment reduces the risk of accidents…keeping everyone happy and healthy!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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