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Best Things to Do in Buenos Aires

by Amanda La Gringa
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This is the ultimate post, straight from a favorite local (thanks Candela!), with the best things to do in Buenos Aires. Forget TripAdvisor.com and all the other publications on your Chrome bookmarks! Candela has sent me this super awesome list a while back, and I treasure it dearly…and it’s only meant to be shared with close friends (wink, wink).


Though we Argentineans are new to the brunch thing and the bottomless mimosas, we are BIG on delicious pastries, breads and all sorts of sweet stuff that’s horrible to your cintura but delicious to Instagram. Try Oui Oui, on Nicaragua 6068 (more details here). On the menu: filled croissants, fresh baguettes, vichyssoise and pain au chocolat, “which is all spelled out on chalkboards amid a colourful environment of dried flowers and rosewood tables.”

Eat Meat:

parrilla la cabrera

If you are already thinking of a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, I’m really hoping you are a meat eater. You know, the kind that watches Chopped, on Food Network, and gets offended when an amazing piece of steak is overcooked. Warning – Argentineans like their meat WELL DONE, so if you like your dinners to almost mooh, make sure you mention it to the waiter right away. Where to eat? Candela recommends Parrilla La Cabrera (more details, right here). Try the traditional Ojo de Bife, Bife de Chorizo, empanadas and the incredible volcán de chocolate.

“Anda a ver tango en Bar Sur”

Bar Sur is located in the historical district of San Telmo, and offers evening shows from 8p to 2am…every single night for the last 45 years! Get in the mood and check them out on YouTube by clicking here. It’s one of those things that will give you goose bumps and you will leave wanting to take tango classes immediately.

Wednesday Night: Dancing at Terrazas del Este

Not many places can claim “la fiesta asegurada,” but this local favorite, in Punta Carrasco, has all the creds for it! Music covers pretty much every decade, and the views onto the river might be worth the crazy drink prices.

Try the Best Ice Cream

abuela goye

In Galerías Pacífico, downtown, check out La Abuela Goye. An all-time favorite? The chocolate ice cream with dulce de leche and almonds.

Visit One of the Top 25 Bars of the World

878 buenos aires

Located in Palermo, 878 Bar has no name, only its signature number on their front door. In fact, if you blink, you miss it. And though the The Time Out Insiders’ Guide to Buenos Aires said of the venue: “Ring the bell at the discreet, unmarked door of this thoroughly good bar, and you’ll be shown into a slick, low-lit space…,” UK’s The Observer puts it best by starting with: “let us take you to a secret bar we know.”

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