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Café Con Música At Starbucks

by Amanda La Gringa
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Café Con Música Album Available At Starbucks

Did you know you can pick up some great musica latina as you buy your morning cafecito at Starbucks? Well now you can! This month, Nacional Records has released the album Café Con Música which is a summer snapshot of the current Latin Alternative scene featuring an international array of artists exploring a range of genres.

So…apparently, I’m now a Latin Alternative music fan…because I actually recognized several songs on the album (Great to see Ana Tijoux included, love her!)…what’s also cool is the eclectic array of artists selected for the compilation. With a mix of English and Spanish lyrics, the Café Con Música represents a varied cross-section of Latin music, featuring indie rock from Spain, electronic cumbia from Colombia, Argentine-inspired ballads from New York and tropicalia from Germany.

Pretty cool, right? So…next time you are in Starbucks, pick up a copy of Café Con Música with your latte and let us know what you think!

Diego Garcia Featured on Cafe Con Leche


‘Café Con Musica’ Track listing

  1. Diego Garcia “You Were Never There”
  2. Andrea Echeverri “A Eme O”
  3. Señor Coconut “Sweet Dreams”
  4. Sara Valenzuela “Para Continuar”
  5. The Pinker Tones “The Whistling Song”
  6. Polock “Fireworks”
  7. Pacha Massive “All Good Things”
  8. No Te Va Gustar “Chau”
  9. Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich + Fussible “I Count the Ways”
  10. Los Amigos Invisibles “Mentiras”
  11. Ana Tijoux “1977”
  12. Monareta “Llama”
  13. DJ Bitman “Shine”
  14. Mexican Institute of Sound “Mirando a las Muchachas”
  15. Aterciopelados “Rio”
  16. Cuarto Poder “Arenita Playita”
google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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Jerry D. Simpson October 22, 2016 - 10:24 pm

I was curious about “Café Con Musica” and I asked about it at a Starbucks in West Seattle. They just suggested getting the “app” and a compatible cell. Without a web-connected cell phone, can I obtain a copy of the album as a CD or playable download for our laptop? We purchased “Café Cubana” years ago and we still enjoy listening from time to time.


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