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Calle Ocho 2014: Must-See Performers List

by Amanda La Gringa
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Calle Ocho 2014: Must-See Performers List

It’s Carnaval season in the 305 and the big fiesta, Calle Ocho 2014, is just around the corner! This huge evento, happening March 9th from 11am to 7pm brings together artistas from all genres and la gente de Miami take to the streets (literally) to see some amazing performances! What else do Las Gringas love about Calle 8 Festival? The food vendors, the music, the art, the family fun is FREE for all to enjoy!

This will be our 3rd year to be presente at the Calle Ocho festival and for Las Gringas…its all about the música! You can usually find me right at the front of the stage dancing away and snapping pics of my favorite artistas or rushing back and forth between stages so I don’t miss the next performance. You really never realize how long Calle Ocho is until you try and walk the entire length going from one stage to the next! To help you map out your day, here is our list of the Must-See Performers:


Calle Ocho 2014: Must-See Performers Lista:

  • Daddy Yankee: You can’t go to Calle 8 and miss out on seeing El Rey! As the king of Carnaval, Daddy Yankee will participate in the parade and also be performing live at the Power 96 stage. I’m guessing he goes on our 5 or 6PM.
  • Chino y Nacho: The biggest sorpresa for Calle 8 for me was to see these chicos in the line-up! They are usually touring around the world or accepting premios…so this is an amazing chance to get to see them for free! As the headliners of the Mega 94.9 stage, they also will probably go on around 5 or 6pm.
  • Maluma: Also on the Mega 94.9 stage, this pretty boy is HUGE in Latin America right now and is starting to get radio play here in the US…so I would definitely check him out!
  • Rigú: The Venezuelan who as stolen our corazones! This chico can really sing…and is also really easy on the eyes! Come check him out at the Dominican Republic/Venue/SBS/MegaTV stage around 3pm.
  • The guys at the Mr. 305 Inc Stage: You can usually find me camped out at Mr 305 INC stage, because its always a blast! This year we have Fito Blanko, Sensato, Farruko and other suprise artists that show up throughout the day!
  • Leslie Grace: La Princesa de la Bachata is amazing live! She has a lovely voice and really shines when she is on stage. It looks like she is headlining the CocaCola stage so she will likely be later in the day also.
  • Melina Almodovar: Our amiga, La Muñeca de la Salsa, will surely get you dancing at the Telemundo 51 stage!

To help save your feet, I recommend you pick a few stages with the performances you are most excited about seeing and sticking with those! But, if you want to try and see them all…below is the information on which artists will be at which stage:



And so that you can plan out how you are going to walk up and down this long street to see all these acts, below is a map! I recommend you pick 2 or 3 stage and stick with those, otherwise you will spend all your day walking in the hot Miami sun!

Calle Ocho Festival 2014 Map

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