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Christina Aguilera Powerful New Single Blank Page

by La Rubia
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Christina Aguilera Releases Powerful and Moving New Single, “Blank Page“.

Talk about being a complicated woman. Christina Aguilera released her first single, “Your Body” from her upcoming album release, Lotus, just a couple weeks ago. It is an intense, over-sexed poppy tune, that despite its lack of lyrical originality still showcases Aguilera’s undeniable vocal talent. After hearing it though, I had a “uh-oh-is-this-what-the-whole-album-will-be-please-don’t-do-this-christina” moment. Thaaaankfully, with the release of her second single, “Blank Page“, Xtina proves that she’s still got a whole lot to offer her fans!

Honestamente, I really love this song. It is honest, and it is simple. Not bad, cliche simple, but hey, I don’t need a whole bunch of auto-tune and noise to cover up my lack of talent, just listen to my voice simple. I’m really hoping that “Blank Page” is more indicative of what we’ll get from Lotus than “Your Body” because Aguilera is at her best when she’s belting out the ballads! Check it out for yourself below!

Christina Aguilera, “Blank Page“, Audio.


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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