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Daddy Yankee Enters El Futuro With Lovumba Video

by La Rubia
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Daddy Yankee Offers Up Futuristic Video for Single Lovumba.

This week Daddy Yankee debuted the video for his most recent single, “Lovumba” which released in October 2011. Besides his collaboration on “Ven Conmigo” with Prince Royce, this was the first new music we had seen from Daddy Yankee since his Mundial album in 2010. Being one of those people who avidly watches music videos for fun, I was pretty excited to see what Daddy Yankee had come up with for this song. I am pleased to report, it didn’t disappoint.

Visually, this video is just plain cool. We’ve got Daddy Yankee performing in front of some kind of geometric light show intercut with dancers in glow in the dark gear and light up vests, girls with fire coming out of their hands and some wicked dance moves, and the requisite dance party scene. It’s kind of like a post-apocolyptic, underground dance rave. There is definitely a futuristic vibe running throughout, similar to the vibe they’re working in the “Descontrol” video mixed with the grittiness of the video for “Ven Conmigo“. Overall, it adds up to a presentation that will keep your interest for the whole 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

Beyond the visual aspects, “Lovumba” is also interesting because it’s not quite the usual reggaeton style that we’re used to. I was recently informed that reggaeton is actually dead, and at first, I didn’t buy it. This song makes me think twice, though. It’s missing that hard-edge, back beat that most reggaeton has, and instead there is a pop-ish dance thing going on. If it wasn’t Daddy Yankee, I wouldn’t be thinking reggaeton at all, the sound is that different. Some might view this as a negative, but I choose to view it as a positive. Artists like Daddy Yankee who are willing to evolve their style stand a much better chance of remaining relevant than those who are not, and I for one, would prefer that he stick around.

So, welcome to el futuro of Daddy’s new video and new-ish sound. You can check it out below.

Watch Daddy Yankee’s Lovumba aquí!


¿Necesitas Mas? Get behind the scenes below.


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google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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