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Daddy Yankee Live

by Amanda La Gringa
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Daddy Yankee, Club 90, Miami FL

Not sure about most gringas…but I have a list of “Latino artists I want to see live and be close enough to touch.“, and alongside Pitbull (check!) and Shakira (still waiting on that one), Daddy Yankee resides in the top 5. Reggaeton was my first taste of latin music and Daddy Yankee has always been THE reggaetonero in my eyes. So, I was a little surprised when I found out the show was in a tiny club in downtown Miami, but it’s Daddy Yankee so….Alli estoy!

I convinced an adventurous gringa friend to accompany me (¡gracias chica!) and we decided it was a fabulous idea to “fit the part’ for the evening- which in our minds, meant- high heels and small black dresses. Considering we were the only white girls there, that probably wasn’t the best idea and we were quickly cornered by these reggaetoneros who were determined to convince us in broken English that Daddy Yankee was indeed, their primo.

We proceed to dance…and dance…and dance with our reggaetonero friends. When is Daddy Yankee going to get here? As a white girl, you must understand, I have to constantly remind myself to covert everything into “Latino Time”, so for the evening, I had estimated the following:

Show time (10pm) + Latino Time (2 hours) = Daddy Yankee will come on around Midnight

WRONG! Apparently there is a special “Reggaeton Club Time” that no one told us about:

Show time (10pm) + Latino Time (2 hours) + Reggaeton Club Time (3 hours) = Daddy Yankee finally appears at 3AM

So arround 3:15AM, Daddy Yankee finally graces the half empty club with his presence! Feeling pretty crummy about dragging my brave gringa friend along on this 5 hour reggaeton adventure, I find her a random couch in the corner to crash on and proceed to the stage!

After all the complaining, the show was awesome. Being able to experience such reggaeton classics like “Lo Que Paso, Paso” and “Gasolina” brought back such great memories and reminded me just how talented this guy is AND how much I enjoy his music, even if I did have to wait 5 hours in a club while wearing heels to get to it. Would I do it again?

Claro que SI 🙂

Click the photo above for the complete Daddy Yankee album plus more videos on our YouTube channel!


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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