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Daddy Yankee Raps In English

by La Rubia
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Daddy Yankee Guests On Inna’s “More Than Friends” Treats Fans To Rapping In English.

An adorable, fun in the sun, beach side teenage pop party is the last place I would expect to find Daddy Yankee, and yet that is exactly where we find him in this new (ish)  music video from the Romanian pop singer/dancer INNA for her mercilessly catchy “More Than Friends.” I was surprised to discover not only that he was featured in this video, but also that half of his raps are in English, not something we’ve seen him do a whole lot of.

Per generic dance club crowd friendly pop singles rules, the lyrics in this song just barely make sense, and there are some particularly wonderful lines delivered by DY! My favorite is probably when he says “And I’m needin’ ya right now/so come hold me down.” Okay, I mean, that escalated quickly. There’s also a really fun moment when he casually throws out a “who’s your daddy” because yes, I’m pretty sure he could have fathered ninety percent of the kids in this video as they all appear to be in the Disney starlet age range.

I know Daddy Yankee has been branching out and shifting his image over the last couple years, including moves like his collaboration with Prince Royce and the much more pop-oriented, Zumbafied rhythms on his latest album. Still, this video totally came out of left field, and it makes me really curious about what he might have up his sleeve next.

Watch: INNA featuring Daddy Yankee, “More Than Friends.”


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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