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Daily News Confuses Puerto Rican Flag

by La Rubia
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Newspaper Publication, Daily News of New York, Confuses Puerto Rican and Cuban Flags.

This past weekend saw the Boricuas of New York City celebrating their pride with the 2012 Puerto Rican Day Parade which featured Superbowl Champion Victor Cruz on his very own float during the Sunday festivities. In the run-up to these celebrations though, there was a bit of a mishap involving the New York publication the Daily News, and a staff that either doesn’t pay attention (possible) or a staff that needs to brush up on their geography (more likely).

The Daily News printed an ad on the cover of their publication last week promoting Sunday’s fiesta, but with one tiny (and when I say tiny, I mean, huge) mistake. They switched the Cuban flag out for the Puerto Rican flag. So, the festive and inspiring cover art featured the flag for the incorrect nation.

Here is the Daily News Cover Art:

Here is the difference between the Puerto Rican and Cuban flags:

Yes, the two flags are extremely similar. Yes, this is an easy mistake to make…if you’re not paying attention at all. More so, it is just remarkably insensitive. Also, this isn’t the first time in the past few months that a well known publication has been this type of oversight. I’m sure you recall the Time article that was featured on the magazine’s cover, and confused a man for a Latino who was not, in fact, a Latino at all.

If you only pay mild attention to trends in advertising and the media, it is abundantly clear that brands and the corporate dollar are bending over backwards to reach out to the Latino/a demographic, which is the smart move right now. Yet, with little blips like these, it is equally clear that these efforts amount to little more than lip service when these gente demonstrate a complete lack of understanding in regard to the rich and complex cultural heritage of that coveted demographic. So, everyone, stop embarrassing yourselves by flaunting your ignorance and get your facts straight.

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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