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Debi Nova: Why You Should Be Listening Right Now

by La Rubia
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Why You Need to Be Listening to Debi Nova Right This Very Second!

Costa Rican musician, singer, dancer and all around bad ass artist Debi Nova landed on my radar back in 2009 with her contagious and deliciously upbeat debut single “Drummer Boy.” For about a year, I had that single on repeat on my iPod. Working out, cleaning, driving, whatever, I couldn’t get enough of that canción! After that though, I lost track of what this muy talented artista was up to. Flash forward to ahora, I “rediscover” Nova, and am completely shocked that there isn’t more of a buzz around her!

She went on to release her album Luna Nueva in 2010, and the entire project, track 1 to 11 and back again, is absolutely phenomenal! Debi has a soulful and dense sound that infuses traditional Latin rhythms with a pop, R&B-ish twist. Each time you listen to it, you hear an element you missed the first time around. Besides an amazing sound that is guaranteed to brighten your day, Nova moves flawlessly between her Spanish and English giving her already impressive album a whole other layer of complexity.

All this brings me to my original observation, why am I not hearing her on the radio? Why isn’t she getting the attention she deserves? Luna Nueva is simultaneously a rich, well performed album by an obviously genuinely talented artist and a radio friendly, perfect for the cross over market product. Debi is a rare bird indeed! Someone who has the goods, and the potential to organically reach Spanish and English dominant demographics. I for one, definitely want to see and hear more from her!

If this is the first you’re hearing of Debi Nova, watch the videos below which together really show off her range. Then check out her album on iTunes, and if you like what you hear (which you will!) follow her on Twitter and share the love! Claro, you can also find más info on her official site!

Debi Nova “Drummer Boy” Official Music Video.


Debi Nova performs “Si Quieres Decir Adiós” con Franco De Vita.

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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