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Demi Lovato VMA Performance

by La Rubia
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Las Gringas Catches Up On Demi Lovato’s Spirited VMA Performance of “Give Your Heart A Break“!

If its okay with you, I’m going to go ahead and unconditionally be a fan of Demi Lovato just because she’s a Texan (I’m Texas born and raised, folks! Howdy!). Well, okay, and also because she’s pretty talented and possibly a good role model for teenage girls (Primarily basing that assertion on her 2012 VMA win for “best video with a message”…whatever that means).

This gringa is kinda busy…so, I may or may not just now be catching up on the details of last week’s MTV Video Music Awards, and Lovato’s “pre-show” performance of #1 single “Give Your Heart A Break” caught my eye. Now, she might not have the most vocally polished live performance (yet…), but its clear this chica knows  her way around show business. Entonces, I wanted to just take a segundo and throw Demi some props!

Major Props to Demi Lovato For the Following:

  • NOT lip-synching her song (You know she totally could have done it!)
  • Managing to remember her lyrics (or anyone’s…) WHILE walking in THOSE heels…up and down stairs!
  • Performing outside…in the sunshine…in a black leather jacket. (I wouldn’t do it if you paid me…but noone would pay me sooo…)

 Anyway, watch the vid of Demi Lovato’s performance y see if you agree with me!


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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