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Don Omar, Natti Natasha At “Mega En Privado”

by Amanda La Gringa
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Don Omar & Natti Natasha At La Mega’s “Mega En Privado”.

What a way to start the week! On Monday, I attended the Mega En Privado with Don Omar and Natti Natasha at La Mega 94.9‘s iHeartRadio Theatre in Miramar, FL! The reggaeton rey and his dulce-voz protege were both very friendly and greeted each guest with a smile before snapping a pic for our recuerdos.


One thing I heart about La Mega 94.9, is that they always do an awesome job at connecting fans with their favorite artistas, but I must say…this event with Don Omar was extra special! Primero, the Mega En Privado kicked off a spectacular week of música in Miami culminating in the Latin Billboard Awards held on Thursday. Segundo, we were invited for a meet n’ greet with Don Omar…but all his fans were pleasantly surprised to find out he brought Natti Natasha (known best from Dutty Love, her duet with Don) along with him for the afternoon as well!

Don Omar La Roja

Sidenote: Why didn’t anyone tell me Don was such a charmer? Honestly, he was much more guapo in person than I expected…and Natti, well…as you can see from my foto, is adorable. Click here for the rest of the photos from the Mega En Privado event!

I’m sure our Miami readers already know and love La Mega just as much as I do, but just in case…here’s the info: Listen can to La Mega locally on 94.9FM and via iHeartRadio…PLUS connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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