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Don Omar: “Sexy Robotica”

by La Rubia
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Ridiculous Lyric of the Week: A Sex Machine of a Woman with a Medicinal Tongue…and Clairol?

No need to be coy about this, I think we can openly admit most reggaeton is pretty much about one thing…sex. At the very least, it is about being sexy, or sexily attracting someone…who is probably also sexy (If you have any doubts about this claim, please refer to the video below). So, there really is no reason to set the bar too, too high as far as lyrical fidelity is concerned. Yet, it really never ceases to amaze me, just how creative the reggaetoneros (that Las Gringas love so much!) can get when writing these songs. This week, I’d like to bring attention to three amazingly ridiculous lyrics in Don Omar‘s “Sexy Robotica“.

Lleva en su lengua medicina…

This first lyric just makes me laugh. I don’t think its the sentiment exactly, I think its that he’s talking about the tongue…which isn’t the most, uh, romantic part of the body. Its usually the lips that get that kind of attention.

Es una maquina de sexo…

This one gets me when I think about the literally translation (which can be dangerous with reggaeton…). It just really conjures some humorous visual imagery.

Como se juega con el pelo, a lo miss Clairol…

And the last lyric…I just, what is going on there? Is that just cleverly disguised product placement? Or is it some cultural reference that this gringa isn’t getting (Always an option! I’m not too proud to admit that!).

I think the thing that really makes me giggle about these lyrics is that they are all in the same song. Maybe if Don Omar had spread them out into three different songs, it might not have been so cringe-inducing. Yet, here they are, one after the next. Regardless, I’ll never actually stop listening to the reggaeton-stylings of Don Omar, but I will keep giggling.

Also, regardless of the tendency to include some ridiculous lyrics in his songs, Don Omar remains a power house in the Latin music scene. The 2012 Latin Billboard Music Award Nominations are proof! He snagged the most nominations of any artist with a whopping 16 nominations! Check the complete list here!

Watch Don Omar’s “Sexy Robotica”:


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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