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Don Omar Skipping Latin Grammy Awards

by Amanda La Gringa
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Don Omar Skipping Latin Grammy Awards.

And the award for the most random and unnecessary piece of news goes to…Don Omar! Mr. DO told People en Español that he isn’t planning on attending the Latin Grammy Awards this year. Y porque? Well, he “has his reasons” according to the interview. Ay dios, here we go!

Why…oh, why Don did you decide we need to know this? Apparently, he isn’t in the music business to collect premios and has decided to snub probably the biggest awards show in Latin music. What do you think about this quote from the interview?

“I’m not an artist driven by prizes or awards. It’s always nice to be nominated. But I’m not going to go to the awards, I have my reasons. My awards come from my fans.”

I’m actually OK with the fact that he is sitting this one out. I’m starting to feel like I’ve had my fill of Don Omar performances for the moment (they were all starting to sound exactly the same). Case in point: His 2012 Premios Billboard lip-synced performance of “Danza Kuduro” which seems awfully similar to his 2011 Premios Billboard performance…again lip-synced and again included “Danza Kuduro“.



My point here: I don’t think we will be missing out on that much if Don Omar doesn’t attend the Latin Grammys and I’m sure there will be plenty of other artistas who are more than happy to fill his shoes! Let’s focus on the positive here people!

How do you feel about Don’s comments? What artists are you looking forward to seeing at the Latin Grammys?

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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