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Best Drinking Songs in Spanish

by Amanda La Gringa
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Best Drinking Songs in Spanish

Sometimes you just need a drink….and a good canción to go along with it. Can i get an amen?! Well, in case you are ever in the need of a drinking playlist, we’ve decided to put together our gringa recommendation for the Best Drinking Songs in Spanish. From Mexican….to reggaeton…to tropical, Latin music comes in so many different shapes and sizes, that you should be able to find the canción that hits the spot as you are downing those shots!

Las Gringas Favorite Drinking Songs in Spanish

  • “Pasame la Botella” – Daddy & Match: Pretty much the official drinking anthem en español…so pass the botella and have a sip, or dos!
  • “Dame Otra Tequila” – Paulina Rubio: Feeling slightly bitter an in the mode for some tequila? Well, Pau is your chica and she will guide you through the noche with this danceable drinking song.
  • “Maldito Alcohol”- Pitbull & Afrojack: Darn you alcohol!! Pit says it best…”yo no quiero agua, yo quiero bebida!”
  • “El Rey” – Vicente Fernandez or Luis Miguel: For the dramatic…or if you need some Mexican music to go along with your tequila and your heart break, try out El Rey!
  • “Rata de Dos Patas” – Paquita la del Barrio: Another classic Mexican drinking anthem for you…what can I say? They know what’s up! This song is especially amazing for a girls night out!
  • “Bartender” – Alexis y Fido: What does great with drinks? Well, a bartender of course! This reggaeton/urban hit will help you get down while you down the tragos.

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Frank November 12, 2019 - 12:53 pm

Does anyone know an old 100 year old folk song From northern Spain with beginning lines of “ Ya aquí está, ya aquí está, ya aquí está, la bebida, la bebida”. The last line is “Suba le, bajo le, Bebe le”. If you know it please call or text me at 1-925-708-7997 and I can give you my e mail to send it to.

Thank you/gracias!!



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