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El Señor de Los Cielos Tour- Chicago Event

by Guest Gringa
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El Señor de Los Cielos Tour- Chicago Event

Hola, La Gringa Novelera here! What could be better than Season 3 of the fantastic Telemundo SuperSeries “El Señor de Los Cielos?” I’ll tell you what – being invited to the Chicago stop of the tour of the show and meeting new friends from Telemundo, as well as the glorious actress Carmen Villalobos – Agente Leonor Ballesteros. This was a great event from start to finish! Telemundo put the event in the heart of Chicago’s bustling and vibrant Mexican neighborhood- Little Village, or “La Villita.” This generated a lot of excitement throughout the area, which is bursting with fans of Telemundo and ESDLC!

El Señor de Los CielosChicago5

The heart of the tour is an impressive truck which displays the logo of the show and Telemundo. This truck dominated the lot. The truck opened at the back, with a velvet rope, a red carpet, and silver stairs: It was like being at the Telemundo Premios Awards, except I was in Chicago, not Miami, and no one cared what I was wearing.

The truck was an ESDLC Museum! Interactive exhibits involving the cast leads were fun and futuristic! There was also a mini-gallery of props and costumes from the show which I tried to take home, but they caught me. The display included the fancy white wedding suit El Senor wore when he married Ximena and the extremely modern white dress Monica wore when Aurelio stabbed her while they were making out.

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The only outfit missing was Cabo’s tracksuit with the badge sewn on. The truck also held a tiny jewel of a theatre, where we were joined by Carmen Villalobos, who spoke about the show and showed us a preview of what to expect this season. Her enthusiasm and sense of humor really drew us in.

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I’ll tell you what – you are going to be dazzled by what they have in store for us. This show gets more outrageous and fascinating every season. It’s like being a witness to history, except everyone is crazy and great-looking. Carmen then took time to answer all of our questions, and I had one: How did she keep her hair so sleek and straight when she was in prison? Arre!

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google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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