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Enjoying Hispanicize Texas & Learning to Plan for the Futuro with Prudential

by Amanda La Gringa
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Enjoying Hispanicize Texas & Learning to Plan for the Futuro with Prudential

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Prudential and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

After having recently moved to South Texas, I was very excited to hear that Hispanicize was hosting a local event here – just a few towns over in Houston! Having attended several Hispanicize events in the past, I know they are usually packed full with great information for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and full-time bloggers. When I saw that Prudential was a presenting sponsor and inviting influencers to attend on their behalf, I knew that #HispzTX would yet another great opportunity to absorb as much as information as possible!

Prudential really had an impactful presence at the event, whether it was on a panel, as a keynote speaker or with their interactive activations – there were so many opportunities for the event attendees to learn from this organization who has to much helpful information to share! Here are just a few take-aways from my day in Houston with Prudential:

Dare to dream, but also plan how you are going to get there

At Hispanicize Texas, Prudential helped us visualize our sueños with a dream board. You could simply write your dream on a post-it, or take a minute to find a visualize of your dream to display for all to see. They had a very knowledgeable advisor on-hand who would then walk you through your plan on how to make that dream come true and what preparations you should be making know to plan for the futuro.

I learned that between juggling today’s bills, balancing current and future obligations, the key is to assign easy-to-handle dollar figures for each of your goals. Take action! Don’t simply say, “that’s impossible” because the numbers seem too large. If you need additional advice, head over to Prudential’s website, where they have an article that speaks exactly to how you can plan for the future the most effective way possible!

Get smart and research some tools to help with in your financial life

To put my financial (and non-financial) smarts to the test, I played a round of “jeopardy” with some fellow-bloggers during Hispanicize Texas. While, I did give some pretty horrible answers…I was proud that I did answer a question about IRA/savings accounts correctly!

So while this was just a fun game to play with your friends at the event, its important to know that there are interactive tools to provide insight into your financial life! Ever wonder how much is enough for you to retire? What kinds of insurance you might actually need? Or simple questions like how do you develop a financial plan? Prudential has all the tools you need to get real answers to your personal questions and more in one place!

Have fun with you…so that you will stay consistent!

What was great about the Prudential integrations at the event is that they were natural and entertaining! When it comes to financial education, its always important to throw some fun in the mix – so that it won’t seem like work and you will be more apt to stay consistent! Check out my video below to see how I mixed fun with learning while attending Hispanicize Texas!


That pretty much sums up my experience! Defintely check out all the tools that Prudential has to offer on their website if you are ready to embark on the journey to financial health!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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