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Enrique Iglesias On Tour With Jennifer Lopez

by La Rubia
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Enrique Iglesias Joins Jennifer Lopez’s 2012 International Tour!

You’d think that after wrapping his busy (and successful) Euphoria Tour that Enrique Iglesias would want to chill for awhile. Well, it looks like this guy loves being out on the road too much for that kind of thinking because it has officially been announced that he will be joining Jennifer Lopez on her first international tour!

The tour is set to kick-off in June after Lopez finishes up the current season of American Idol. All the dates haven’t been completely nailed down yet, but the word on the street is that the two will start off in South America covering Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela and then trek across the globe for Asia, Europe and (claro) the U.S. for a whopping 60-dates. All this exciting news has got this gringa thinking…

If Enrique toured with Pitbull…and JLo and Pitbull have a brand new sexy single out…I need to know when Enrique + JLo + Pitbull is going to happen (si, I am bringing him into this! Like how I did that?). Specifically, I somehow need JLo to be on stage dancing with both Enrique and Pit, preferably at the same time. If you are picturing this with me right now, you  can not possibly suggest that that isn’t one of the best ideas ever.  Maybe we could get some kind of petition going to make this happen…who’s with me?

Did you know Enrique and JLo have a song together? Here it is, “Mouth 2 Mouth“.


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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