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Favorite Las Gringas Blog YouTube Videos

by Las Gringas
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Favorite Las Gringas Blog YouTube Videos

Since we launched Las Gringas Blog in 2012, one of our biggest priorities has been to bring the top Latino estrellas closer to their fans and help our community feel like they are a part of our exciting vida in Miami. Our YouTube channels has been the home of so many of these exclusive interviews and celebrity videos since the beginning and we are so very proud to celebrate our ONE MILLIONTH VIDEO VIEW! ¿Qué cool, verdad? That’s a lot of video views!

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To celebrate this major milestone, we want to take a look back at our 3 favorite videos on Las Gringas Blog YouTube.

#1) Wisin y Yandel @ Macy’s

Always the reggaetoneras at heart, this interview was huge for us! Normally, Wisin y Yandel are very difficult to track down in between a busy tour schedule and tight security…but thanks to Macy’s, we were able to chat with them during the Miami launch of their clothing line. Behind-the-scenes secret: Wisin sneezed on me right when the interview began, which is why I’m laughing and tell him “bless you.” They were such nice guys!



#2) Matt Hunter takes over @ Premios Juventud 2013

After you’ve been interviewing estrellas on the red carpet for several years, you start making friends. Matt Hunter is the perfect example! He was so comfortable chatting with us, that he decided he would take control of this interview during PJ’s 2013. We love to give the artists a chance to speak directly to their fans and say whatever they want!


BONUS: Compare that interview to this one! One of our first FIRST interviews was with Matt Hunter just one year prior, but both of us had changed so much!



#3) Backstage with MALUMA @ Premios Juventud 2014

Apart from artist one-on-one interviews, we also love to give the fans a view of what its like to be BACKSTAGE at some of the industry’s biggest events and premios. We love MALUMA and his fans love to see what he has to say when he gets to the mic in the press room. This chico is so charming!


#4) Gringas Celebrate our 1st Birthday

As we were celebrating our 1st birthday, some of our favorite artistas were gracious enough to help us celebrate by sending us cumpleaños saludos! This video, even though its a few years old now, makes us to proud! We can’t wait to celebrate our next big milestone (5 years!) and see what fun way we can celebrate that cumple!


#5) Rigú Senerade

Ay dios…when we are able to sit down with these performers for an intimate music session, its just heaven! In this interview, Rigú brought his guitar and we just sat back and let him do his thing. Can you tell I’m totally melting at his amazing voice?


If you don’t already, we would love for you to join our YouTube familia and subscribe to our channel so you won’t miss a single video that we post! We also love to see read the comments posted by the community on the videos, so let us know what you think and give us suggestions for more interview questions…these celebrities love to hear from you!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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