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Food that Looks like the Mexican Flag

by Amanda La Gringa
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Food that Looks like the Mexican Flag

After living and traveling throughout el pais for several years, I developed a great fondness for everything mexican…especially the Mexican flag. Obviously, I love my American flag too…that goes without saying…but, whenever I see the Mexican flag, I’m usually filled with nostalgia about the days that I lived there. You know what else I like? Food! So why not combine the two and have food that looks like the Mexican flag (and really the Italian flag too since they have the same colors).

These are great ideas if you are hosting a Cinco de Mayo Party, and Mexican Independence Day Party (Sept 16th) or if you just feel like getting creativo for your amigos during your next fiesta!

So, here you go! My lista of Food that Looks like the Mexican Flag:

  •  Mexican Flag Dip: How simple is this? This Mexican flag dip is so cute and works perfectly if you are hosting a fiesta! All you need is some guac, some sour cream, and some salsa! And a little bit of greens if you want to distinguish the flag as truly a Mexican one!Mexican-Flag-Dip
  • Mexican Flag Veggie Platter: For those trying to watch their waistlines, there is a healthy option for your Mexican flag dishes! This Mexican Flag veggie platter uses snap peas, peppers, and jicamas…but you can totally get creative! I might switch out the middle section for slices of white cheese…but then it won’t be as healthy, pero who cares! Mexican Flag Vegetable Platter
  • Mexican Flag Rice Krispie Treats: Now for something dulce! These Mexican Flag Rice Krispie Treats look pretty fancy, but if you have a supply of sprinkles in your casa…this should be super easy! The crest in the middle was drawn on with a edible marker pen…so cool!Mexican Flag Rice Krispy Treat
  • Mexican Flag Strawberries: So friggin’ cute! While once could argue that these could also be used to represent the Italian flag, I thinks this still counts! Either way, these Mexican Flag Strawberries are just too adorable to pass up.Mexican Flag Strawberries
  • Mexican Flag Cake: Now if you feel like really showing off to your guests, you could make this cake! I’m not even going to try and tell you all the steps to make this pastel, you can check out the recipe for the Mexican Flag Cake here.  Mexican-Flag-Cake

 So which of these Mexican dishes are you planning to make at your next fiesta!! Make sure you take a picture and tag us using @LasGringasBlog on Twitter or Instagram! 

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