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Gael García Bernal y Diego Luna Lawsuit

by La Rubia
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Gael García Bernal y Diego Luna File Lawsuit Against Popular Whiskey Brand Johnnie Walker.

Okay, how’s this for random? Mexican actors Gael García Bernal y Diego Luna are apparently in the midst of a lawsuit against Whiskey brand, Johnnie Walker. Yeah, not something I would really ever expect to read about.

The two actors filed the lawsuit in April 2012, but word on the street is that its just now getting into full swing. Supposedly, they are suing the brand because their “images” were used without their permission in TV ad campaigns.

“The damage was caused by the illicit production of television commercials, showing and reproducing my image without my authorization, and also including my story, fame, and family and private matters.”-Gael García Bernal

There aren’t a whole lot of details regarding the suit or Johnnie’s transgressions out on the web. So, this raises some preguntas. Like how could a big brand like Johnnie Walker make this kind of mistake? Or how exactly were their “images” used? So, odd. Leave your thoughts/reactions in the comment section below.

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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