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Gloria Estefan Judges “The Star Next Door”

by La Rubia
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Gloria Estefan Joins Queen Latifah and John Rich to Judge “The Star Next Door“.

Gloria Estefan has been confirmed as one of the judges on upcoming CW summer reality series, “The Star Next Door“.  The CW Network has presumably given the green light for the series to fill up the otherwise barren summer programming schedule. Estefan will be joined on the judging panels by Queen Latifah and John Rich…now, that’s an interesting panel.

The Star Next Door” will be a nationwide competition series a lot like the ones we’ve already gotten used to (American IdolSo You Think You Can DanceThe Voice…). The judges will search high and low across the country for the best of the best, who will then compete in Hollywood as they represent their home towns during the competition. The interesting twist though is that there aren’t staged auditions. The judges will be choosing the contestants as they perform locally! Sounds intriguing.

I’m still looking forward to when we’re gonna see Estefan on Glee, though!!! And I’ll give this new series a shot at least, since she’ll be on it!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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