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Gringa Favorites: Brother Jimmy’s Opens in South Miami

by La Roja

Gringa Favorites: Brother Jimmy’s Opens in South Miami

Las Gringas Blog was not compensated for this review, however, we did enjoy a complimentary meal at Brother’s Jimmy. All opinions are truthful and our own.

You can take the Gringa out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of the Gringa! Jaja! That’s exactly how I felt when I moved to Miami from Tennessee and I had to give up so much of the Southern cuisine that I enjoyed all my life. Being from Memphis, I’m especially picky about my choice in BBQ and I never really considered checking out any BBQ joints here the 305, always assuming I would be disappointed. Obviously, by the name of the article, you know that I finally gave in and tried Brother Jimmy’s! I heard they opened up a new location just down the street from where I live in South Miami at the Shops at Sunset Place and you better believe I was there opening weekend!

If you aren’t familiar with the menu, Brother Jimmy’s offers up the best of all types of BBQ (ribs, brisket, pulled pork, etc.) but it doesn’t stop there. I was freaking out over all the Southern sides….everything from black-eyes peas, corn bread, to fried okra! But, hold on now, I’m getting ahead of myself and didn’t even mention what we had as appetizer!

Now, those…are frickles! Yep, you read that right! These are fried pickles with some yummy dipping sauce that are definitely something to write home about! What are we missing? Well, the drink that is going to keep you refreshed while you are eating all of this heavy comida. I can easily say that I will never have any other drink on the menu after I tasted the Honey Badger which is made with Bourbon, St. Germaine, OJ, and…of course, honey! Highly recommend!
So, did our photos make you hungry? Well, now that this location is so much closer to me, you better believe I will be going more often! Brother Jimmy’s also has great daily specials and happy hours, so stay connected with them on Facebook for updates! Let us know if you visit…would love to hear about the other items on the menu!

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