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Gringa Miami Favorites: Batch Gastropub

by Amanda La Gringa
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Gringa Miami Favorites: Batch Gastropub

We’ve been hearing some great things about Batch Gastropub from our amigos, so when they offered to let us come try out their menu…we just had to say “claro que, si!” From it’s name, obviously this place has positioned itself as a gastropub, which is a good fit for the young professional crowd of Brickell. Just 1/2 block down from Kukaramakara, this are slightly off the beaten path…but totally a great find if you are looking for something different during your noche in on the town!

Apparently, the owners Kevin Danilo and Jerry Flynn have been planning this venture for a over half-decade and had been working on the physical space for nearly a year…building the bar from scratch, installing a wood-burning oven, and finding exactly the right culinary brains to craft their menu (Michael Reidt along with chefs Adrian Talavera and Pablo Zitzmann).


Pero, ya! Let’s talk about the food and drinks so we can recommend what you should order on your next visita to Batch!

First, to drink! You can tell by my cara that I’m really happy with this choice! The waiter recommended the “Bees Knees” which has gin, honey, and lemon and it was definitely a hit! Just the right drink if you want something like and refreshing…but still packing a punch!

Our first appetizer (aka small plate) for the evening was the “Hanger Steak Skewers” with Kale…and if you like your carne, I can definitely recommend this plato! The kale added to the saltiness of the dish, but it was just right for me. Our 2nd small dish was the Charred Spanish Octopus (not pictured) which was light but still well-cooked. It is literally an octopus though…tentacles still in-tacked, so hopefully you aren’t the squirmish type!

The first main course was the “Mushroom-crusted Mahi Mahi” with quinoa and asparagus. This dish was lovely, the only problem was we had just finished with the Hanger Steak that had rocked our world…so moving to a light fish with quinoa was a difficult transition flavor-wise. I would, however, order this again if I wanted a healthy dinner option!

The star of the evening, mi gente, was our 2nd main dish! “Ma’…the Meatloaf” won my heart that evening and my only complaint was that it wasn’t 2xs time size so that I could have kept eating it longer. Just to be clear, though, this isn’t your mother’s meatloaf…it’s packed with short ribs, smoked bacon, duck confit on a bed of creamy polenta and grilled brussels sprouts.

Tienes hambre yet? I know I do! So, would I recommend this place? Claro, que si! Just understand that as a gastropub, you will pay for quality versus quantity. The portions were on the normal/small size…so don’t expect to the stuffed unless you order several dishes.

The guys really have built some especial and we left Batch very feliz and I think you will too!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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