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HBO Latino New Series Profugos Review

by La Rubia
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 HBO Latino Brings Viewers Addictive and Action Packed New Series, Profugos!

In one word, HBO Latino‘s upcoming series, Profugos, is addictive, offering up everything you could possibly want out of a drama. Complicated characters? Check! Family feuds? Check! Well written story? Check! Sex? Check! Intrigue? Double check!! Action? Triple check!! 

With each episode running at about fifty minutos, viewers are taken on a wild ride via truck, car, plane and even helicopter covering plot points from Chile to Bolivia and back again, and introducing a whole host of characters including our four primary profugos and a supporting cast ranging from drug cartel minions and bosses to mysterious snipers to investigators and attorneys. The story provides insight into the complex world of drug trafficking from the point of view of the traffickers and the official agents trying to put a stop to the criminal activities (we all know how that tends to go…). This isn’t really a new plot line, but that doesn’t detract from the compelling nature of the first two episodes (which I was lucky enough to get to preview! Gracias HBO!).

In the first few moments of the pilot episode you are sucked into the thick of things through a high speed car chase on the twisty streets of a Chilean city. People are bleeding and screaming, bullets are flying, police are yelling into walkie talkies and everyone is driving way too fast. Its brilliant, and you just want to know what happens next! No such luck though, as the clock is turned back to 72 hours prior to the chaos you just witnessed. But you’re already hooked, and you keep watching as you’re introduced to the major players (many of whom were just screaming in the previous scene…they’re much calmer now…), and the story begins to unfold.

One thing I really enjoyed about the two episodes I viewed is that the writers/producers don’t really give you a straight answer about any of the characters or about what in the world is going on. They provide just enough information so that you can follow along, and at least attempt to draw your own conclusions. Profugos is a bit of a puzzle and like the characters, viewers are left on edge wondering who they can trust and what will happen next. The only way to find out? Keep watching!

You can get addicted to Profugos (like I did!) and check out the solid acting skills of series stars  Francisco ReyesBenjamin VicunaLuis Gnecco y Nestor Cantillana on HBO Latino on September 24th at 10pm. It will run nightly (Monday – Friday). Need more convincing? Watch the trailer below and get ready to set your DVRs.

 Profugos Trailer:


Want mas? Take a look at our interview con series star Francisco Reyes aqui.

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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jeanette October 12, 2012 - 6:03 am

Amazing serious. Such a pleasure to have the opportunity to watch such a well written, well acted latino series. I’m a major fan & hope the series excellence is recognized by the industry. BRAVO – Thank you HBO & everyone else who had a hand in producing this seris

Armen November 17, 2014 - 9:01 pm

What a dumb show. Looks like there is lots of money spend to film it. But sorry this is one of the worst show by acting or the story I have ever seen. Low life non professional. Please just quit


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