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Hybrid Mattress of My Dreams: Tomorrow Sleep

by Amanda La Gringa
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The Hybrid Mattress (in a Box) of My Dreams: Tomorrow Sleep

A few months back, I was lucky enough to get in touch with Tomorrow and offered the opportunity to try out one of their hybrid mattresses. I had been in the market for a new mattress for a while and had been doing research about the new trend of the mattress in a box versus the traditional retail experience. Like most, I was really intrigued by the home delivery and lower prices, but a bit hesitant to commit to a mattress without trying it out first in person. The amazing team of Tomorrow Sleep put all my doubts to rest and helped me feel very comfortable with this experience!

Now that I’ve been sleeping on the hybrid mattress from Tomorrow Sleep for three months now, I believe I’m ready to share my experience and offer some advice! Here are the reasons why I think you should give Tomorrow a try and why their Hybrid Mattress is a DREAM!

  • Comfortable: With the Tomorrow mattress, you fall asleep faster and stay in deep sleep longer. The only mattress designed to adjust to your body temperature and provide the support essential to restorative sleep – I immediately noticed a difference in my sleep quality.
  • Cool: Did you know that your body temperature needs to drop about two degrees to enter a state of optimal sleep? The Tomorrow mattress unique hybrid construction combines cooling high-density memory foam with a breathable, supportive coil system in the perfect balance of cool comfort and support for real, restorative sleep. 
  • Priced Just Right: These hybrid mattresses are built by skilled craftsman in the Tomorrow factory in Charlotte, NC. Because they manufacture their own products and sell directly to the consumer, you can rest easy knowing you paid half the price of what you’d pay in stores for the perfect hybrid mattress.
  • Try it out: Drift for a bit with your Tomorrow product with their risk free trial. If it’s not your thing, you can return it for free within 100 days!
  • Sleep Better with Science: A simple way to make sense of the way you sleep. Their Sleeptracker® Monitor analyzes your sleep cycles, breathing rate, heart rate and movement to offer personalized suggestions for better sleep. Defintely an amazing add-on to your mattress purchase!

While everyone looks for different levels of support or bounce in their mattress, I can vouch for the high quality and excellent service of this company! With the 100-night risk-free trial, there really seems to be no reason not to give them a try! Add to that that with my code of AMANDA150, you will receive $150 off any $500 purchase (expires 12/31/17)!

If you have any more questions about this product, please let me know in the comment section below or send me a tweet directly at @LasGringasBlog and I’m happy to share more details about my experience!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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