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Internet Attempts To Exile Pitbull to Alaska

by La Rubia
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Will The Internet Manage To Exile Pitbull to Kodiak, Alaska?

For your daily dose of hilarious: dos hombres, David Thorpe and Jon Hendren of somethingawful.com  have taken the current promotional campaign by Pitbull featuring Walmart and “Sheets” energy strips and turned it on him! Basically, whichever Walmart gets the most likes on Facebook will win a visit from Mr. Worldwide…and Thorpe and Hendren have morphed the campaign into an internet manhunt by enlisting  fellow trolls throughout the interwebs to their cause with the goal of sending Mr. 305 to the remote location that is Kodiak, Alaska.

While the campaign organizers want Pit’s fans to “Like” the Walmart closest to them, Thrope and Hendren are asking that everyone “Like” the one location in Kodiak, Alaska. They have a full blown movement underway via Twitter and the hilariously named hashtag: ExilePitbull. Personally, I think this little stunt is pretty amusing (and you know I love myself some Pitbull), and showcases just how fun the internet can be when one doesn’t take themself too seriously (although, some of the people joining in on this do seem to take themselves too seriously…like trolls do…). For his part, Pitbull (or rather the gente that run his twitter) has actually responded in good humor:

Entonces, I don’t how Pitbull’s fans will respond to the attempts to exile their favorite rapper, but it does look like some Kodiak natives are taking the joke to heart. One tweeter in particular is actually quite annoyed that anyone would consider their hometown a worthy location for exile:

Poor Kodiakans…they got pulled into this, and probably don’t even care that much about Pitbull, his music or his energy sheets. As far as Pit is concerned, this will probably just add more exposure to his already widespread social and digital reach.

So, you have some options:

  • Not. Care. At. All. (So, do nothing and go about your life…)
  • Feel impassioned and/or amused and join the #ExilePitbull cause: follow this link.
  • Fight back! (#pitbullgirls, I’m looking at you) and actually “Like” the Walmart near you for your chance to meet your main man (maybe even recruit some friends to help!)

I personally would love to see some kind of online scuffle develop between Mr. Worldwide’s ginormous and extraordinarily loyal fan base and the Exile Pitbull instigators, but more likely this will just fizzle out as internet memes seem to do. You can watch the “movement” grow and weigh in by following the twitter feed.

BONUS: This is my favorite tweet so far…

UPDATE (as of July 15th, 2012):

This is why we love Pitbull…Today, his Social Media team posted the below picture and caption on Pit’s official Facebook. Looks like he might be headed to Kodiak afterall!!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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