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Isla Mujeres Palace Resort

by Amanda La Gringa
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Disclaimer: I enjoyed a free stay at the Isla Mujeres Resort during my visit to the island, however all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Looking for a great all-inclusive resort in Mexico? Well, look no further because you won’t be disappointed with Isla Mujeres Palace! Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to escape to the resort and I just can’t stop talking about it. I was visiting the island, which just about a 2o minute ferry ride off of the coast of Cancun, for a friend’s wedding in October. I had been looking for an opportunity to visit the Palace properties, so this was the perfect reason to stay with them! Thanks to Palace, this trip made my list as one of my top 5 favorite vacations EVER. So, why do I love Isla Mujeres Palace so much? Let me break it down for you:


Everything you could ever want! Not kidding on this one guys…the room is the perfect escape for any couple. The bed was heavenly, the tub was spacious, and the amenities were plenty! We had one of those “aw-clusive” moments when we tried the mini-bar for the first time. The mini-bar at the Isla Mujeres Palace is ANYTHING but mini, amigos! They have 4 full bottles stocked with name-branded liquors, plus all the mixers you could want! This was me when I opened the mini-bar:

Apart from that, I can confirm that the in-room dining was top notch with very quick service! It is the perfect option for those lazy mornings or romantic nights when you don’t even want to leave your room.

Whet your appetite

Normally at all-inclusive resorts, you prepare yourself for sub-par cuisines, right? Well, that’s just not the case at Isla Mujeres Palace. We opted to eat EVERY meal on-site and always found new options to keep us satisfied. Apart from the breakfast and lunch buffets, I really enjoyed the menu at the “snack” bar located in the pool. Yes, I ate food sitting in the pool…and it was amazing. While they do have a menu to choose from, they also accepted special orders which got me really excited when I started craving fish tacos one day- which were DELISH by the way.


Hello. You are on the beach, on an island, off the coast of Mexico…of course the location is AAAA-MAZING. What could be better? Well, how about a private driver that picks you up from the airport and delivers you to a private yacht that escorts you to the Isla Mujeres Palace Resort! That is top notch treatment, if you ask me!

I will mention, however, that Isla Mujeres Palace is on the southern part of the island, which is much less active than the northern area. If you decided you wanted to venture into the “city center” for shopping or any other dining experiences, it is about a 10-minute cab drive from the resort. Remember that this is an island, so there really isn’t much to see in the city center, but if you want a change of scenery, it is definitely a painless ride…always with the most amazing view out your taxi window!

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From the airport pick-up, to the resort greeter with a lovely flower and yummy drink waiting for you upon your arrival, to the most friendly pool/bar staff ever, there was not an un-friendly face at the Isla Mujeres Palace Resort! Everyone in staff speaks perfect English, if you are not a Español speaker…but apart from that, I did not come across one person working at this resort who wasn’t friendly and welcoming!

Little Secrets

Don’t miss the yummy ice cream that is part of the buffet in the afternoons. I especially loved the fruit flavors (more like sorbets), which were so fresh and full of sweet sabor!

Golf carts are very popular on the island, however, I would not recommend renting one if you are staying at the Isla Mujeres Palace. They average around $30/40 a day, while a cab drive is maximum around $5-8 from one end of the island to another…so you really have to be planning to get around A LOT to make it worth it. Also, the streets do get a little crazy with all the golf carts and the cab drivers…so how about you just sit back, relax, and let a local drive you? For those who want to stay connected during your Isla visit, the WIFI was awesome…very fast and consistent. It even reaches out to the beach, so you can freely Snapchat all your friends and make them jealous of your amazing view!

Stay in Touch

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