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Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez Answers Fans Questions

by Amanda La Gringa
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Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez Answers Fans Questions

We talk a lot of música and entertainment on Las Gringas…but we do love our desportes also! I was raised with a love and respect for baseball and I try and keep up with my favorite teams as much as possible….in between Pitbull concerts and award shows (JAJA).

I recently discovered that Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, one of the best catchers in the history of baseball, has been answering consumer questions and sharing the key to his successes through a series of online videos. Although Pudge retired from the baseball, his love for the sport lives on and his fans will definitely love to hear from Pudge as he discusses the biggest struggles of his career as well as how to keep your head in the game on and off the field. The videos are currently being shared on the Head & Shoulders for Men Facebook page on the new tab: Hombre MVP.

As someone who has struggled (and succeeded…yay!) at learning a second language, I found it interesting to hear Pudge discuss the obstacles he faced because he didn’t speak English when he first started his career:

Baseball is a universal language! I think one of my biggest accomplishments has been to walk with my head held high and always give my best especially when I have encountered obstacles. One of the greatest obstacles was not speaking English when I first started my career in the U.S., but my love for the baseball helped me to give my all and grow as an athlete and as an individual.

You can watch the complete clip for yourself below….and for even more videos featuring Pudge on the Head & Shoulders Facebook page or YouTube channel.


Any other baseball fans out there?  What question would you like to ask Pudge?

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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