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Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias Release New Single

by La Rubia
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Jennifer Lopez and  Enrique Iglesias Are All Set To Release a New Single!

Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias are collaborating on more than just a tour together. It would appear that these two unstoppable superstars are all set to release a brand spanking new single. I guess they just did the math and thought…Pitbull + JLo = Hit Single x2…Enrique + Pitbull = Super Fabulous 2011 Tour…so that must mean, JLo + Enrique =Super Fabulous 2012 Tour and THEN an amazing single. (See what I did there? You know like it…).

Annnnyway, these two have these gringas super emocionadas since we will be catching their Miami tour stop in just one week! Pile on top of that this chisme about an impending single, and its almost more than we can handle. Okay, fine…maaaaybe its not quite that dramatic, but really, we’re very excited.

Below you will find the video that confirms all the rumors (at least in our crazy gringa minds…) that this song will one day come to be on radio stations everywhere. Its a promo courtesy of their new friends at Chrysler showing off their tour and some fancy wheels, and you can just hear hints of awesomely unoriginal but still sexy lyrics (por ejemplo: “body to body we can cause a flame”…)! No need to take my palabra for it…check it out for yourself.

This might be JLo y Enrique’s new single…see what you think!


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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