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Jennifer Lopez feat Pitbull “Dance Again” Video

by La Rubia
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Jennifer Lopez Shows the World What’s Up…In Video for New Single “Dance Again” feat. Pitbull.

I wrote a post about the new single from Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull last week when they released it, and I made the observation that this song basically amounts to JLo’s cougar anthem (I correctly assumed that the not-so-subtle lyrics were referring to the well-toned Casper Smart) Now that I’ve seen the video for “Dance Again“, I really think it takes that anthem even further by sending a visually articulated screw you to all of JLo’s detractors.

So, what do you do when you’re a powerful Latina with an enviable position within the corporate media landscape (…two reality shows, hit songs everywhere, clothing lines…), and everyone refuses to shutup about your new boyfriend? Well, you make a super catchy dance-club-friendly song about how you really don’t care what anyone thinks, and then you make a really hot music video to go with it. I would like to point out the double standard that many have pointed out before:  if JLo was a man and Casper Smart a woman, no one would say anything about their relationship.

That’s one reason, I like this video. In a way she’s taking this whole voyeuristic thing we do with our celebrities, and she says fine, look, look at allllll this. This is my super hot boyfriend (Yes, Casper is in the video) that I have super hot sex with (…because let’s be honest, we’re basically watching them act out foreplay…). They just put it out there, on display for everyone because hey, she’s a big girl now and she doesn’t have any secrets this time. We should all be so lucky.

Then there’s Pitbull (also known as the other reason I like this video). Ay, Pitbull. Its almost as if god made the person who invented the tuxedo just so that one wonderful day, Armando could wear it. Can I also just say that anyone who understands this weird obsession we all have with this man probably got really excited (and jealous) when that girl grabs him from behind. I just…yes, that really needed to happen.

Claro, throughout we’ve got the requisite (and painfully obvious/humorous) product placement floating around all over the place (Voli Vodka bottles everywhere! JLo and everyone is literally inside her bottled scent!).  Anyway, check it out below and see what you think!

Watch It Now! Really. Now. 


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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