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Jesse Y Joy Debut Corazon de Campeon

by Amanda La Gringa
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Jesse Y Joy Debut Corazon de Campeon

During Hispanicize 2013, we were all treated to an amazing show by Jesse Y Joy during the Music Showcase…but there was an extra special surprise, when the duo debuted their new song “Corazon de Campeon” to the delight of us all! The song is an ode to the passion of sports fans who pour their hearts and soul into their favorite teams….specifically the fans of the Mexican National Team living in the US, who although slightly disconnected from their country, remain dedicated to their equipo!

Corazon De Campeon Logo

Corazon de Campeon LIVE at Hispanicize 2013:


However, this isn’t just your typical song. To recognize that undefeated spirit and since AT&T  is dedicated to connecting Hispanic fans to the excitement of soccer through their leading-edge technology and platform, they actually teamed up with Jesse & Joy to create this new song, Corazon de Campeon (Heart of a Champion) which was produced by Jesse…and I’m totally digging it! I’m actually really impressed with AT&T’s innovative initiative to create something that Mexican National Team fans can own and rally around to express their love for their team!

AT&T Logo

“AT&T has scored the winning goal with this initiative, and we are as ecstatic as we are humbled to have been chosen to use our creativity and songwriting skills to create such a unique song. As soccer fans ourselves, we have great respect for the Mexican National Team. Soccer has no language barriers, so we encourage everyone to learn the song and and chant it off the top of their lungs to support their national team.” – Jesse y Joy

I also learned that “Corazón de Campeón” is anticipated to be played during exhibition matches and friendlies across the country to help fans celebrate the victories of the Mexican National Team….so get ready to hear this song a lot as El Tri work their way to quality to compete in the largest global soccer stage in 2014!!

El Tri Logo

Fans can visit www.corazondecampeon.net to listen to the song and the first 100 free downloads of the song will be available each day while supplies last. In addition, you can view behind-the-scenes clips, check out El Tri’s schedule in the U.S., and join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #corazoncampeon. Also, don’t miss your chance to enter to win a trip for two to an upcoming Mexican National Team game on the AT&T Latino Facebook page…so head over their ahora, “Like” and enter to ganar!

Jesse y Joy La Roja Miami

Finally…for those huge JyJ fans, check out the complete version of the song below abd  our video from the press conference donde los hermanos talk about their upcoming English album and US tour!

Complete version of  Corazon de Campeon:


AT&T Press Conference w/ Jesse y Joy at Hispanicize 2013:


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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