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Jesse y Joy Latinos Imparables Interview and Concert

by Amanda La Gringa
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Jesse y Joy Latinos Imparables Interview and Concert

Last week, I made the drive with some fellow blogger and media amigas to Fort Lauderdale to see my favorite Mexican duo….Jesse y Joy! The show at the Revolution Live was the South Florida stop on their US tour called Latinos Imparables. Prior to the show, I had to the chance to talk to them for a few minutos and ask them about their rumored up-coming English album that has me so incredibly excited!


If you recall, I actually flew to LA earlier this year so that we could wash some of the clothes of this brother/sister group using the Downy Unstoppables scent boosters. Well, these same clothes were opened up in front of me during the press conference…and I can attest that the clothes smelled just as fresco as they did months earlier when we washed them.

Jesse y Joy Latinos Imparables

This was actually my first time to see Jesse y Joy perform an entire set…usually just getting to see 1 or 2 songs during the Premios, so it was a real treat! These guys are great performers and I was in gringa heaven pretty much the entire time!

That’s all the noticias we have on Jesse y Joy for right now…but hopefully some more sorpresas coming from these Latinos Imparables very pronto!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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