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Juan In A Million In Austin TX

by La Rubia
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Juan In A Million Really Does Offer Comida That’s One In A Million!

When Las Gringas were in Austin, TX  for the 2012 Pachanga Latino Music Festival, we kept up a pretty intense schedule trying to make sure we caught all the fest had to offer so that we could report back to you! Pues, all that running around, had us working up quite an appetite! (Hey, a gringa’s gotta eat!) Luckily, Austin is home to some of the best food in the whole state, and one of the best of the best is the perfectly named, Juan In A Million! It’s located in an incredibly nondescript building on Cesar Chavez road near downtown. You can’t let the outside fool you though because inside you will find some of the most delicious food…ever.

La Roja was feeling particularly adventurous (and hungry) and ordered one of the signature dishes the Don Juan which includes bacon, egg, cheese and tortillas (…what more could you want?). In a rare move (we’re both bacon fanatics), she opted for chorizo instead of the bacon, and it turned out to be a delicious choice. Online reviews suggested that the Don Juan was more than sufficiently proportioned for sharing, and they weren’t kidding. The dish came with three perfect flour tortillas, and La Roja was able to only knock out two before surrendering.

While she was tackling the Don Juan, I was feeling a little more indecisive and wanted to get more bang for my buck (though, honestamente, what we ordered ended up not being that different…). I chose two ala carte tacos made with flour tortillas, one filled with  chorizo and potatoes and the other with beans and cheese. Again, the portions were substantial, and the flavor was out of this world. I mean, bean, cheese, sausage, potato…these are pretty basic kitchen staples, but whatever they’re doing to these ingredients at Juan In A Million turns average food into mouthwatering delights!

In addition to our tacos, we also shared a glass of horchata. I will seriously judge a place on its horchata alone, and I would give Juan In A Million five stars after just one sip. It was a great balance of sweet and cinnamon (a lot of people miss that mark), and it was the perfect compliment to our salty food.

A really nice touch at Juan In A Million is the service. Despite being muy, muy busy that waitresses were friendly and efficient! Also, the owner, Juan himself, was there to greet guests at the entrance!  He was even nice enough to snap a photo with us!

My only regret? That we didn’t have time to go back for a second meal! So, gente, if you find yourself in Austin, TX drop everything, and get yourself to Juan In A Million!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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