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Juanes Releases Memoir In April 2013

by La Rubia
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Juanes Set To Release Memoir, Chasing the Sun, In April 2013!

Exciting noticias! One of Las Gringas all time favorite artistas, Juanes, will be releasing a memoir in April! The new book will debut via Celebra (a division of Penguin Group) on April 2nd in English, under the title, Chasing the Sun, and in Spanish, Persiguiendo El Sol. The book will feature insight, written by himself, on personal life details like Juanes’ experiences growing up in Medellin, Colombia and witnessing “corruption and violence” as well as his feelings on his father’s death. He will also be opening up about his professional life including details about his musical influences and the challenges of his fame. I’ve been listening to his music forever, and Juanes has always been such an interesting but somewhat elusive artist to me. It is really cool that he is letting fans have such a personal account of his life so far. I can’t wait to read it!

Juanes will be hitting the road this year with his 2013 Loud and Unplugged Tour.


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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