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La Gringa Novelera Goes to the Bajo el Mismo Cielo Premiere

by Guest Gringa
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La Gringa Novelera Goes to the Bajo el Mismo Cielo Premiere

In the movie “Broadcast News,” William Hurt asks Albert Brooks what to do when your dreams come true? Albert Brooks replies “Keep it to yourself!” Well I cannot keep it to myself! Last month, the great people at Telemundo invited me to the premiere of their fantastic new novela “Bajo el Mismo Cielo!” And they invited me to interview the cast! ON THE RED CARPET!!


It was a dream come true I have to share with you! Here are my top 5 moments on the Red Carpet:

  1. I had my own spot! MY OWN SPOT!! Telemundo gave me my own place to stand to interview the cast as they came down the Red Carpet! If it wasn’t for the “No Trespassing” rules, I’d still be standing there!BajoelMismoCielo6
  2. Maria Elisa Camargo! I finally got to ask the lovely star of BEMC whether it was tough to pretend she didn’t know David Chocarro was her boyfriend in “En Otra Piel” because Laura Flores’ spirit was living in her body! After a good laugh, she admitted it was VERY TOUGH!
  3. Juan Pablo Llano! What a thrill it was to meet Juan Pablo, one of the featured stars of BEMC, and such an amazing lunatic with the World’s Greatest Bangs in “Duenos del Paraiso!” When I told him about my desire to build a national monument to those Bangs, he looked around for a security guard.
  4. Laughs! I was able to spend quite a bit of time chatting with cast members Erika de la Rosa (My Hero), Luis E. Franco. Alma Itzel, Ahrid Hannaley, Kevin Aponte, Alejandro Speitzer, Rosalinda Rodriguez, Jose G. Cortinez and Hely Ferrigny. We talked all about their roles in the show, and they could not have been kinder and more charming as they put up with my ridiculous questions! Hely, who plays Father Domingo in the show, agreed that the Priest has the hardest job in any novela because not only does he have to try to counsel a bunch of lunatics, but he has to resist the women too! This is a funny and talented group of actors, and they were a pleasure to get to know!
  5. The Novela Party! By 9:00, we were all off the Red Carpet and inside the bar to watch the premiere of this wonderful new Novela together! Together!! From now on I always want to watch novelas this way: In Miami, with The Cast, Crew, and Margaritas!! And after the party, a big hug from the star of the show, Gabriel Porras!

I am still on Cloud 9! How did this happen?!? Two years ago, I decided to try learning Spanish from watching telenovelas! I’m the proof that if you watch telenovelas, anything and everything is possible, just like in a novela!


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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Irma September 10, 2015 - 4:15 pm

Love it…. You deserved it, your novela posts are brilliant, you are hilarious but right on on your updates….. FRESH!! Gringa, you do Telemundo proud….


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