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La “Nueva Latina” with Adrienne Bailon & Orgullosa

by Las Gringas
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La “Nueva Latina” with Adrienne Bailon & Orgullosa

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Last week, we had the pleasure of joining Orgullosa to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at their Facebook chat with Adrienne Bailon where we discussed the concept of the “Nueva Latina.” First, I have to say that Adrienne was an absolute muñeca and did a great job at hosting this chat! She led the group in an interesting discussion and answered questions like: “What DOES it mean to be a Latina of today?” and “How do you balance living in two worlds and still celebrate your heritage and embrace your American lifestyle?” and even “What’s your favorite plato latino?”


It was really interesting to see how Adrienne sees the “New Latina” – as a woman who isn’t passionate in just the cliche “latin lover” sense or woman solely focused on raising her children but actually a mujer who is also passionate about her career, relationships, and also passionate about self-improvement. I loved also hearing about how she has integrated her Hispanic heritage into her daily live in NYC…especially how she has fought to keep her family speaking español. It also made me feel a bit better to hear that she struggles a bit in the cocina, and wants to learn to cook traditional platos latinos from her mother so that she can pass down this tradition to her children.

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So, even though you weren’t able to join the Facebook chat…you can still join the “Nueva Latina” conversation by creating your image on the Orgullosa Facebook App! So this way, you can show off that you are “mujer con la falda bien puesta™” and a nueva Latina at the mismo tiempo! I only wish there was a “Gringa” option…but there wasn’t so I went for Latina, with the disclaimer that I might not be of Hispanic heritage but I do have an alma latina which counts for something, verdad?!


Do you see yourself as a “Nueva Latina”? Tell us why in the comment section below!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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