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La Rubia’s Gringa Guide To Dancing

by La Rubia
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White Girls Can Dance But They Shouldn’t Let It Go To Their Heads!

I know you’ve seen that girl, the one I’m talking about. You are sitting there, minding your own business when you look out on the dance floor and ask yourself, “My god, what is she doing?” Chances are what she’s actually doing, is completely different than what she thinks she’s doing. Chances are you’ve actually been the girl that inspired that thought! I’m here to help you avoid the unfortunate circumstance of being that girl.

If you noticed the photo I have inserted into this post, you may have also noticed that it is Tina Fey posing in positions that are unmistakably “white girl” dance moves. Tina, in this photo, can pull it off because, well, she’s Tina Fey. But also, its because she’s deliberately being funny. If you try out moves likes these, no one will understand that you’re trying to be funny on the dance floor, even if you’re doing it deliberately. So, best to air on the side of caution and following my 3 helpful hints!

3 Helpful Hints On How To Avoid Being THAT Girl.

1. Keep It Small.

If you remember one thing, remember this: Keep. It. Small. The dance floor is a designated no flail zone. Most beginning dancers tend to be a little shy, but these same dancers also grow in confidence the more they learn. This seems to make them think they should try out more dramatic moves and styling. Adding in these styling moves is completely appropriate, but try to avoid doing anything that might make you look as if you’re having a seizure (ex: jerking of arms, needless tossing of the head and hair, the robot-esque moves, etc.) Trust me, I’ve seen it, and it never looks good.

2. Remember You’re The Follower Not The Leader.

I see this a lot, and I’ve heard a lot of guys complain about this. Ladies, you follow. This is one of the very few occasion when such a seemingly non-feminist sentiment will be so adamantly spoken by me. On the dance floor, it is our job to follow and follow well. It is really difficult for the guy to play his part (which is mostly to make you look good) when you aren’t even paying attention to what he is doing. This doesn’t mean you can’t bust out your own moves. It just means you have to find the appropriate moment in the dance. Until then, please pay attention to your partner and follow along.

3. Save the Drama for Your Mama.

I mean this in a couple of ways. First of all, don’t hog your partner. Unless of course you came together and are on a super romantic date and can’t be apart from one another…and even then its just kind of okay. You need to dance with a couple different partners, and avoid monopolizing one dancer’s time.

Second of all, inevitably you will improve your dance skills, and you will be able to keep up with better and better dancers. This does not mean you get to be rude to those whose skills are not as finely tuned as yours. Always be polite, and sure, dance with that guy who only knows two spins and the basic. You don’t have to dance with him all night or even more than once. But remember, you got where you are by dancing with people who were better than you. Pay it forward.

Follow these helpful hints, and you’ll be sure to avoid being that girl on the dance floor!


So, there you have it! In case anyone thinks I’m being sexist, have no fear! I’ll be back next week with 3 helpful hints just for the guys! Now, get out there and bailar!!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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La Roja February 15, 2012 - 2:03 pm

I very much enjoy breaking Rule #1 whenever I have the opportunity. 🙂


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