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La Rubia’s Gringa Guide to Dancing

by La Rubia
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Listen Up Guys: Chivalry Is Not Dead…On the Dance Floor.

Last week I threw out some helpful hints specifically for the ladies on how to avoid being “that” girl on the dance floor. I’m an equal opportunity kind of person, and  gentlemen, you’re in my cross hairs this week. Female dancers are not the only ones in danger of making rookie mistakes. For guys these mistakes tend to be more about manners than skill. So, eschuchame because I’m here to help!

3 Helpful Hints On How to Avoid Being THAT Guy.

1. Don’t Molest Your Partner.

I am aware that Latin dance centers on the sensual side of things. However, this does not mean you have a free pass to grope and manhandle your partner. A key element in sexiness, especially on the dance floor, is finesse. You must take care with how far you try to push that particular envelope. Sometimes that look on the face of the girl you are dancing with is nervousness (even if she’s sort of smiling) not consent. So, be careful with just how close you get.

2. Don’t “Surprise” Your Partner with Complicated Tricks.

This is a problem that commonly effects rookies, but can also impact more seasoned dancers. Do not, I repeat, do not, pick your partner up and throw, toss, or otherwise suspend her in the air without her permission. Yes, these tricks are fancy and stunning. However, for the unsuspecting girl, they are terrifying. You have to give us some kind of warning before you try this sort of thing out on us, and make sure we’re on board before we’re flying up, up and away.

3. Don’t Forget About Your Partner.

There are styling moves for both male and female dancers that can add visual appeal to the dance. This could be spins, footwork, something you do with your head, arms or hands, whatever. This helps individual dancers express their personal style, and its a good thing. However, guys, when you engage in this footwork or more notably, complicated spins, please don’t forget about your partner. Sometimes, you get really wrapped up in your slick moves. At this point, its clear to your partner (and everyone else) that this is no longer a partnered dance, but has become all about you. This is just…not cool.

Gentlemen, these are a 3 helpful hints I hope you take to heart. Remember your manners and convince us ladies that chivalry is not dead…at least on the dance floor!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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