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Las Gringas Blog at Hispanicize 2013

by Las Gringas
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Las Gringas Blog at Hispanicize 2013: Gringo Latinos Panelist and Going Viral Moderator

We could not be more excited for Hispanicize 2013! This event, held in Miami, is a must-attend for Latino (and Gringo!!) trendsetters in social media, journalism, marketing, film, music and innovation! It really is a blast and the 5 days are packed with soooo much and Las Gringas are going to be right in the midst of it all! BTW- Did you see the video we made to help everyone get ready for the craziness? From panels and pool partiesto film festivals and music showcases, we are going to be live tweeting from wherever the action is happening.

This year, we are lucky enough to be involved in 2 panels….both very close to our corazones:

  • Tuesday, 4/9 @ 2PM- Gringo Latinos: How Hispanic Culture & Flavors are Steadily Transforming ‘American’ Lifestyles & Tastes (#GringoLatinos)
    • Featuring: Paul Curtis from Hola Hi, Matt Wallaert from Bing, Alex Demas from Pulpo Media
    • The title of this pretty much says it all!! We will be joining other “Gringo Latinos” aka non-Latinos who love the culture, food, and language to share our stories and experience! We hope to give everyone a snapshot of what the growing melting post of “Latino” and “American culture” may start looking like!
  • Friday, 4/12 @ 2:30PM- Going Viral: How to Start and Build Your Music Career on YouTube (#GoingViral)

    • Featuring: J Alvarez, Matt Hunter, Michael Lynch, Jorge Narvaez.
    • This panel is going to be a blast!! As the moderator, we will have the chance to really show off the amazing stories of these online music sensations and find out exactly how they were able to reign in the power of YouTube to launch their careers!


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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