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Ford en los Latin Grammys Contest & Twitter Chat

by Las Gringas
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Ford en los Latin Grammys Contest & Twitter Chat

Latin Grammy season is siempre one of Las Gringas favorites! La musica, los vestidos, los premios…nos encanta! We didn’t think it could get much better until we heard about all the exciting things Ford is planning this year. Ford en Español te trae todo lo emocionante de los Latin Grammys with a fun photo contest where you can win $300 and también a Twitter chat with awesome giveaways throughout the noche like gift cards and even autographed photos of Ford spokesperson and co-host of the Latin Grammy, Cristian de la Fuente!

Pero ya…let’s get down to the detalles so you know exactly what you need to do to win!

To enter to win $300 with #FordEnEspanol, tienes que follow these steps:

Step 1/Paso 1: Take a picture with a 2013 Ford (just like we did below!) / Tomate una foto con un Ford de 2013 (Asi como hicimos nosotras!)

Step 2/Paso 2: Share it on Twitter or Instagram (or both!) with the hashtag #FordenEspanol /Comparte la foto en Twitter o Instagram (o los dos) con el hashtag #FordEnEspanol

Step 3/Paso 3: RSVP and join us on Twitter on November 15th at 8PM EST while we watch the Latin Grammy Awards and chat away about music, cars and papichulos like Cristian de la Fuente /RSVP y acompáñanos en Twitter el 15 de noviembre a las 8PM EST a ver los Latin Grammy mientras hablamos de música, autos y papichulos como Cristian de la Fuente

Tip: For ideas of how other people have done it, check out our Pinterest Board and if you need help finding a 2013 Ford, may I suggest looking up the location of the Ford dealership close to you here.

Got it?? Now you are ready for the fun!! Can’t wait to chat with you all on Nov 15th (just don’t forget to RSVP) and make sure to follow all your hosts: @DenisseIcaza, @ElianaTardio@PinkGuayoyo, and of course…@LasGringasBlog!

Cristián de la Fuente invitando you to watch the los Latin Grammys with Ford en Español:

Disclaimer: While all opinions are our own, Las Gringas Blog was compensated for our support and involvement in the Ford En los Latin Grammy campaign. Official rules for the photo contest are here. Open to US & Puerto Rico. 18 and older.
google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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